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The Groom Room
2008 - 14 Street NW
Calgary, Alberta T2M 3N3

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Open by appointment only. We take appointments generally during the hours of 8:30am and 3pm, Tuesday to Friday.

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Welcome to The Groom Room - New Clients

The Groom Room is now booking a limited amount of new clients with our contract groomer Chelsie Grant. Chelsie operates out of The Groom Room, and are available during the hours of 8:30am and 3pm Tuesday to Friday.

Our price ranges are as follows:

  1. under 30 pounds $60-$80
  2. 30-60 pounds $80-$120
  3. 60-80 pounds $90-$150

**These prices are a based on a dog that is groomed regularly (every 6 weeks or less) and are subject to increase due to various reasons that can be explained if needed.   We are currently only booking dogs that weigh approximately 40lb's

When we book an appointment, we ask that you come just prior to that appointment time so there is time to discuss the cut and answer any questions you may have. As to not interfere with other scheduled appointments during the day, we may refuse anyone arriving late. We only have dogs at our shop for as long as it takes to groom them, which is generally 3 hours. We are unable to hold dogs any longer then it takes to groom them, so we ask for a timely pick up.

Please email us with the link provided, and please give as much detail as possible including:

  • what kind of dog you have
  • what type of cut you are looking for
  • how often you get your dog groomed
  • a preferred day of the week (Tuesday to Friday) and preferred time of day (between 8:30am and 3pm)

We will respond to new client inquiries between the hours of 8am and 4pm. Please expect up to a 24 hour response time to all messages.

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